Rainbow Rice!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A friend shared a link to Rainbow Rice on Pinterest, so I thought that seemed like something pretty easy to try out with John Paul.

We got some white rice from Trader Joe's and have used about half of it so far.  Here's what we did:

Take a big freezer bag and pour in 2 cups of white rice.  Add 5-10 drops of food coloring, whatever color you want, and 1.5 tbsp rubbing alcohol (we used red for one bag and blue for the other).  Allow your toddler to mix and mix after you close the bag!  Then mix the remainder when he decides he doesn't care...

Spread rice on pans and allow to dry in the sunlight.  The rubbing alcohol will keep the bugs away.

Set up a pouring station and get ready for your toddler to be amused for hours!

We used various pouring vessels - he especially loved using a big spoon to transfer rice from bowl to bowl - good practice with utensils!

If you don't have a tray like this, get one!  We use it ALL the time for pouring activities - I spread a towel over it and we use it as a makeshift indoor water table, and it keeps most of the rice contained.  Yes, some fell on the floor - John Paul picked most of it up, and the vacuum got the rest pretty easily.  This can be done on a MUCH larger scale as well, so I think we'll make a new color every now and then to mix things up a bit.  John Paul LOVED it!!!

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