Monday, March 5, 2012


Cecilia is taking after John Paul in her obsession with Mary.  I was trying to get the kids to bed alone tonight, since Andrew had rehearsal.  John Paul was reluctant to get in his pajamas, particularly since Cecilia had found a rosary that John Paul REALLY wanted to hold.

So I told him we could pray a decade of the rosary, thinking that we'd do it after we read our story and sang our song.

Nope!  Unacceptable.  We had to pray it IMMEDIATELY!  So he and I snuggled to pray while Cecilia walked around the room, draping the rosary around her neck in various ways.  I prayed the first half of each prayer and he prayed the second half and Cecilia followed each prayer with an emphatic, "a-MEN!" while clasping her hands together in a prayerful posture.  Then when we were all done, she ran over to the wall saying, "POPE!  POPE!" and trying to climb up to the picture of the pope on the wall :)

1 comment :

  1. Yipes! It's been too long since we saw Cecilia! Talking and running!


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