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Friday, March 16, 2012

John Paul likes to ask for a piece of tape at some point every day; he likes to stick it to his shirt, pick up lint, etc...  He's also very used to asking me to tape up pages in books that Cecilia rips, flaps that she pulls off lift-the-flap books, and various easy mending jobs.

So he came asking me for a piece of tape, and I obliged him.  Then I saw him bending down and trying to tape something on the floor...

A piece of apple that had broken in two.

I thought that was pretty adorable - of course you can't EAT a broken piece of apple, you have to FIX it!  I convinced him to eat it anyway, but I'm wondering if he would have eaten the tape, had he been successful in taping the apple back together...

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  1. "Honey, we're not going to look at it, we're going to eat it!"


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