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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cecilia's vocabulary has been exploding lately - much of it is unrecognizable to any but us, but I'm finding it pretty amusing (or annoying).

Some of the more amusing words:

"Bubba" or "Bwuh-buh" = John Paul.  This becomes a whine when John Paul is upstairs napping, since Cecilia wants to be around him ALL the time.

"HI DADA!!!" while holding a toy phone to her ear

"Doooooohs.  Aaaaaahm."  Toes.  Arm.  She likes to point those out to us frequently.

"Hop!"  Hop.  Duh.  Frequently accompanied by the action and brought on by pictures of bunnies.

Some of the more annoying words:

"NUH BWIH!"  Nurse, please!  It wouldn't be as annoying if it weren't all. the. time.

"Gheeeeee?"  While running to the fridge, begging for cheese.  Again, doesn't need to be the only thing you'll eat, kid!

"Baby? BABY???"  Every time she sees a computer or a phone, she demands we show her pictures of babies.


  1. Soon you may need John Paul to interpret her words to you. The next child up often has a handle on baby words that grownups find unintelligible.

  2. I love it! One of my favorites that Avvy says is "peese moof" (please move). She's very good about saying "peese" and "tank you". She also just started saying "yup" and "nope", always enthusiastically. She used to say "si" and "no". Also "I donno" and "dop" (stop).


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