A Sunday Stroll

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In celebration of the first spring-like WEEKEND day, we walked the 1.5ish miles to the park at Lake Accotink.  There are some SERIOUS hills on the way, let me tell you.  Thankfully, Andrew pushed the stroller most of the way :)

Apparently everybody else had the same idea - there were quite a few birthday parties going on at once!  Cecilia was pretty darned excited about the balloons.

I love the look on Andrew's face here!

Slides are awesome!  She's pretty close to being able to go down by herself, but not quite...

And John Paul mastered yet another climbing apparatus.

(Yes, that looks like a Bill Cosby sweater.  I think it's adorable.  And he LOVES wearing sunglasses and never takes them off.)

"DA!  DA!!!"

Probably the only interaction they had with each other the entire time on the playground...

John Paul very carefully turned them all to X's, so of course Cecilia had to wreck it.

And then she followed him on the bridge and decided it was HILARIOUS to sit down and let the big kids bounce her.

Look at that blue sky!

Shh, that's me in the background breaking one of my cardinal rules, leggings != pants.  But I don't think that rule applies when exercising, and that was QUITE a walk!

This one she had to go down on her own and didn't do too badly!

The lake, pre-spring.

Shoulder ride!

They took the high path up by the lake.  We stayed down low with the stroller.

Because no way was I pushing it down that hill!

AND back in the stroller for the walk home.

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