25 Meatless Meals for Lent

Monday, March 3, 2014

Every year, among other things, we give up meat for Lent (always harder for Andrew than me - I don't eat that much meat to begin with!  But it DOES make it a lot easier to remember not to eat meat on Fridays if we aren't eating it at all...) and spend a long time coming up with creative options without cooking the same old pizza or stir fry every other night...  Are you in the same boat?  Do you just want some more variety to your meatless Fridays?  Here are 25 meatless ideas (and recipes!) to help you out:


1. Lentil soup (my recipe's similar to Alton Brown's, but I add carrots and use half red lentils, half brown)
2. Baked potato soup (minus the bacon...)

5. Broccoli & cheese soup
6. Pioneer Woman's Potato Soup (bacon omitted, obviously)
7. Minestrone

And this crusty bread is the perfect simple recipe to accompany all those soups!


9. Gnocchi w/butter & sage sauce and caprese salad

13. Mac & cheese and green beans
Without the bacon, obviously...


16. Frittatas (so many variations possible!  Leek & goat cheese is my personal favorite)
18. Breakfast for dinner - I usually make scrambled eggs, biscuits (garlic and cheese - the best!), and usually asparagus and/or tomatoes, because for some reason those seem like acceptable breakfast "vegetables" to me...
19. Quiche (again, tons of variations - try broccoli and cheese!)


20. Cheese fondue with broccoli, apples, bread, potatoes, etc. for dipping (1 bottle beer + 12 oz. TJ's grated swiss & gruyere + 2 tbsp flour = easiest cheese fondue recipe ever!)
22. Homemade hummus, easy homemade pita, and veggies for dipping


23. Roasted veggie quesadillas with these absolutely delicious black beans & rice - get fancy and add some guacamole on the side!
24. Risotto (I love it served with asparagus and caprese salad on the side)

Linking up with Sarah, Abbey, and Beth Anne for their meal plan link-up - check out more recipes here!


  1. We make Lentil Sloppy Joes (lentils + diy sloppy joe sauce + buns) and Easy Fish Tacos (tortilla + frozen breaded/battered fish filet + limey coleslaw). Thanks for starting the recipe roundup!

  2. I wish my kids would eat fun stuff like this!


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