WIWS: Matching Babies and an Exhausting Mass

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Every couple of months I think, "Hey, let's do something really stupid!  Let's try going to Mass as a family!"

And every time Andrew's like, "It's not going to work.  Everybody's going to behave terribly."

And every single time he's right.

Seriously, I feel like I've been exercising for hours with all the "Up! Down! Up! Down!" and all the whisper-reading of our Catholic board books and the like...  And I'm not even the one who took the babies to the back of the church for most of the consecration.  Seriously folks, it's a 45-minute Mass and we barely survived.  Sigh.  John Paul and Cecilia were pretty great until the end, when Cecilia had a freak-out because she wanted to sit on the other side of me and John Paul was there.  She had to be taken out for the first time in MONTHS!

So we'll try again at Easter...  Until then, tag-teaming it is!  And to think I used to think that was a cop-out...

But at least they're cute?

But perhaps not the most photogenic...

A bang trim may be in order one of these days...

Okay, I give up...

And I was really glad that we had studied the readings yesterday, so at least I felt like I was halfway paying attention?  And speaking of the readings, last night I told Cecilia we were going to read the story of the Transfiguration and she said, "What's dat?"  "We'll read it in a minute and then you'll find out!" "Oh, Moses and Ewijah!"

Seriously, this child never forgets anything.  We last read about it in AUGUST and she remembers the story.  Ridiculous child.

Here's what I wore - mostly a repeat, and hopefully this will be the last week those tights are in the rotation!

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