7 Quick Takes: Cloth Diapers, Baby Names, and Odd Prayer Intentions

Friday, March 28, 2014

I convinced the babies to play in the big kids' room with them during "nap" time.  Think I can rattle out a Quick Takes post while they're happy?

Yeah, I doubt it too.  But I'll try!


Mary Claire and Elizabeth have just started calling each other by name this week.  It's SO adorable.  Especially since Elizabeth's name is either "Biff" or (my personal favorite) "Beef."  Although Elizabeth insists that her name is "Honey" and corrects me every time I call her "Elizabeth."

Mary Claire is "May Kay" which is not as exciting.  But there's a lot of squeaking and pointing - "Mom!!!  Biff!!!  May Kay!!!  Paul!!!  SEEYA!!!  DADA!!!"


And because there's been a general shortage of twin photos lately:


The other night we took down this link in the prayer chain:

And Andrew and I had to try so hard to stop laughing the entire time we were praying.  Cecilia really wanted us to pray for all the kitty cats.  But, you know, animals don't have souls and all that...  So she decided all the people who own kitty cats would be appropriate, as well.

Cecilia asked that God bless them with love.  John Paul asked that God bless them with temperance.  Pressing needs, you know?

Almost as good as when he asked that God bless all unborn babies with diligence.  Priorities.


They have escaped their jail.   Game over until bedtime.


I've been trying to do more concrete, productive things once the kids are in bed - particularly starting Easter dresses for the girls and converting our velcro diapers to snaps!  It's so boring that I don't want to dedicate a whole post to it, but basically you want to set yourself up in front of the TV and follow this tutorial (although mine don't have 4 "male" snaps on each side, just 2 on each because I used a Flip cover as my template) making SURE to change the press on the snap press for your "male" vs. "female" snaps!  Made that mistake and boy was it obnoxious...

This starter kit comes with 100 snaps, which is good for four diapers (assuming you're doing BumGenius and just mimicking the Flip covers like I did).  I'm going to buy this set of 250 because that should take care of the other 10 diapers I need to convert.

Bored to tears?  Yeah, me too...  Take advice from a veteran, buy snapping diapers to begin with!

Oh and those are affiliate links, just to be clear - I'm pretty sure that any time I link to Amazon it's an affiliate link, and anything you order through my links gives me pennies to spend on MORE snaps to convert these diapers :)


I get a kick out of Google animating my pictures.  Don't they all look so big sitting at the table together?


Go enter my Lilla Rose Giveaway!  And really, check out some of the new clips - I love the new offerings!  

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