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Sunday, March 9, 2014

One of my Lenten goals is to do a Bible study with the kids every week based on that Sunday's Mass readings.  This week we did it on Saturday morning and read the readings in John Paul's Magnifikid - seriously, get a subscription if you don't have one!  It's for ages 6-12 but John Paul has loved it since he started reading.  And Cecilia is not even close to reading, so she's satisfied with last week's Magnifikid as her "own" copy every week... 

Then we read the same readings in their Catholic Children's Bible, which has a slightly simpler translation.  We discussed obedience, sin (seriously, the number of times per day when I have to answer questions like, "What is sin?" and "Why did Satan try to tempt Jesus?" is a little ridiculous!), the Fall, and redemption.  

And then, of course, we did a craft!

A serpent amongst apples in the Garden of Eden.

Okay, yes, not necessarily an apple - but it was an easy way to tie in a craft!

Plus, you know, they love painting...

And we happened to have a VERY wrinkly apple that had escaped being eaten by hiding in the back of the fruit drawer since we picked apples in...  October.  Yes, I know it's March.

Next we'll be talking about Abraham - I feel like we've mostly skipped past that story in favor of other Old Testament stories, so it'll be interesting to delve into the whole thing with them!

Oh, and look who was awake for pictures this week!  Babies everywhere!  I blame them for the tank top pulled down too low...  All nursing, all the time.

So close to spring...  So I'm close to retiring my boots!

And a lovely overexposed shot!

Finally, an adorable little ballerina in her Lenten jumper :)

Yup, she wins the liturgically appropriate contest!

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