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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fun fact for today, brought to you by John Paul (who begged me to look up today's saint) and Wikipedia:

The farmers' saying for today, March 30, the Feast of St. Quirinus is "As St. Quirinus' Day goes, so will the summer."

Which, for us, apparently means it will be raining all summer.  Doesn't really seem out of the ordinary for Virginia!  Hopefully your weather is a little better than ours :)

I broke out my favorite pink skirt this week in celebration of spring, and of course it was too cold to have bare legs!  Sadly, my boots have not been retired yet, because it's still. not. warm.

This chambray shirt is getting so much wear in every season - seriously, such a great buy!  J. Crew Factory is having a really good sale with a bunch of chambray shirts this weekend, I highly recommend you check it out if you're looking for one for yourself!

Andrew walked in right as I started taking pictures...

And, you know, had to make an awkward sultry face...

I wouldn't usually wear the same skirt just a few days apart, but I remember this morning that it's Laetare Sunday!  We broke out the pink!  Well, the babies didn't come to Mass but they picked plenty of pink for their outfits, too.  And you can see from everyone's facial expressions what things are generally like around here...

Cecilia is apparently a hip hop star?  (John Paul wants me to write that he is ALSO a hip hop star.  Sure.)  Also, how adorable is that veil on Cecilia?  It had been missing for a while but we just found it and used the cross bobbies that Mandi sent me to hold it on, which worked perfectly!

Speaking of which, have you entered the Lilla Rose giveaway?

Once the babies were down for their naps, we tried for another picture (where you can see John Paul's pink pants and sock with a hole in the toe...) - you get the idea, I think!

Skirt:  eShakti
Shirt: Ann Taylor via Twice
Boots: Same old, same old
Scarf:  Amazon

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