Boy Bands, Little House, Social Media, and More {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, August 22, 2014


Okay, so the facebook page currently has 196 likes - so close to 200! If you can help get the "likes" up to 200 by 1 PM today, I'll join the lip synch battle party over at Kelly's (I'm thinking Backstreet Boys with costumes - totally raiding the husband's closet for this, since me + kids = correct numbers). 

Because don't you want to see me, John Paul, Cecilia, Elizabeth, and Mary Claire all dancing on camera for as long as possible? Yeah, it'd be epic.  Go click that little "like" button and validate me a little on social media, ok?

Why 1 pm? Because that gives me a chance to raid the storage room during nap time for appropriate clothing for everyone without all four kids saying things like, "WHAT IS THAT SAW???" or "IS THAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT???"


You better believe I'm already planning outfits and facial hair...
Edit: Okay, you win!  I didn't expect to reach the magic number that quickly...  So we're taking the morning to prep for a post-nap recording session!  I think we all know how to motivate the mom crowd now: Boy bands!!!


Are you on twitter? I'm just starting to embrace it a little more, what with the fast-paced yet short & sweet updates.  Who should I be following? Come say hi and keep me company every crazy day!


We're in the middle of On the Banks of Plum Creek right now and the kids are totally immersed in that world...  It's adorable!

We built a lego house, and John Paul put the roof on top and said it was their dugout house and I realized he's so right!!!  Elizabeth added the tower of flowers...

Right now the biggest fight in the house is that Mary Claire keeps saying Elizabeth is Pa and Elizabeth says she's Laura.  Cecilia is Mary because she says she has golden hair (even though her hair is darker than the twins').  And apparently nobody wants to be Baby Carrie, even though at this point in the series Carrie is like, 3 years old or something...  Baby Carrie is played by a VERY small baby doll.

I don't think you've ever heard anything as cute as Mary Claire talking about "Ma! And Pa! And Lauwa! And Mawwy! And Baby Cawwie!"

Elizabeth calls her Baby Carrot.  It's one of her favorite jokes (that and "Cupcake poop") and yeah, it's hilarious every time.

But look!  All four playing together!  Peacefully!  Cecilia's holding "Mary" and "Laura" in her hands, and "Ma" is lying down in front of the door to the house, obviously.


Cecilia keeps making their wagon and setting up a "bed" in it so that they can travel from Indian country to Minnesota.  Then she freaks out when the twins mess it up, which is about every 30 seconds...  But I finally convinced her to let them join in and she and Elizabeth lay like this for quite a while - it was adorable!

"Mom, can I keep da chairs like dis?"
"For a little while, I guess..."
"Why not for da rest of my life???"



Speaking of 3-year-old problems, she also tells me she wants to go to heaven NOW.  "I just love Jesus and Aslan and Prince Caspian so much dat I want to grow UP in heaven!!!"

But she tells me she doesn't want to have her ears pierced in heaven or have anyone prick her with a needle.  Think she's safe there.


We're road tripping to Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois soon - got any ideas for how to keep the twins entertained in the car sans DVD player?  John Paul and Cecilia will be awesome and I've got sticker books and activities galore for them, but the twins still can't DO sticker books really, and they eat crayons and color wonder markers, and Mary Claire is terrible in the car all the time anyway...  

I'm thinking I'll run to the dollar store and get some board books and order some dinosaur stuff off of Amazon since Mary Claire's obsessed.  And dig out some of the noisy obnoxious toys that we hid away long ago because they're the worst...

But what else? What books on CD are awesome that I should get from the library?  We've got the Chronicles of Narnia on CD so those will hopefully keep them happy but I think I need more than that...  Help!


Okay, off to spend the morning introducing the kids to the wonder that is BSB!  Go check out more takes at Conversion Diary!

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