How to Teach Your Kids to Sew {PHFR}

Thursday, August 14, 2014


These babies are getting so BIG!  And more adorable by the day :)

They were reciting all the animals from this book (seriously, they adore all of her books!) in the car the other day and it was hilarious, because there are random animals like "Quetzal!" and "Xerus!"  And of course my favorite Elizabeth pronunciation, "Wino-OCeros!" (for rhinoceros, if you don't speak toddler)


We've gotten into a pretty good rhythm around here, which includes snack time at 10 that allows me time to get dressed if I haven't already by that point (and let's face it, I usually haven't...).  And that makes me pretty happy!

I just can't get over how big they all look sitting at the table together!  And eating off of plates!

Of course, usually snack time ends with Elizabeth trying to steal Mary Claire's food.  Or taking her plate into the kitchen, sitting on the floor, and declaring it a picnic.  Or dumping John Paul's food onto her own plate the moment his back is turned...  But sweet Cecilia always collects the empty plates and stacks them on the counter for me :)


I was ordering some supplies from Amazon to make our own bug spray (because at the rate we go through it, it's GOT to be cheaper than buying the natural stuff!), but I needed something else to add to the order because every single thing was an add-on item (don't you hate it when your Prime membership doesn't actually help?).  So I remembered that I keep meaning to get yarn needles so I can let John Paul and Cecilia do some "sewing."

Well, they found them in the box and could not wait for me to find the other supplies I actually needed to let them sew (I was going to punch holes in felt and let them sew some patterns), so I found some remnants from a scrap bag I bought a while ago and got them embroidery floss.

They were SO happy.  Terrible at it, but happy.  I kept having to fix Cecilia's because she kept stitching on opposite ends of the fabric tube (they decided to make dresses for their baby dolls), and it was really hard to pull the needles through the fabric because the heads were so big (which is why we weren't going to USE real fabric!  Just felt!).

They are so. proud. of the finished product.

You can't even see how truly terrible those things are - there's an arm stuck through the seam and I cut another hole in each side for another sleeve because they refused to settle for "tube dress" or "toga dress" as a solution...

Cecilia has now told me that someday she'll get a sewing machine and paint it pink and make dresses for ALL her dolls.  Little does she know it, but there are pink sewing machines out there in the world already!


So there you have it - baby dolls in their "party dresses" - what party they're going to in see-through orange mesh dresses, I'm not sure I want to know...

Are your kids into sewing?  I told them that before they sew anything else, they have to practice with their lace and trace pets so that I don't have to babysit their progress!  But I don't think Cecilia will be satisfied with anything that isn't sewing her own doll clothing...

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