In Which I Plan on Asking for Your Fashion Advice and Make the Decision Myself in the Process

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How's that for a long post title?

No really, I started a draft yesterday (now two days ago) of our homeschool goals for this year.  And I know I still need to finish up my Why I Worked series.  And I have all these thoughts swirling around in my head about not going back to work this school year.  But micro-naps have been my downfall (what is UP with that, babies?) and there is a chocolate milkshake calling my name, so here's a mini-post for you.

Mary Claire is crying RIGHT. NOW.  But she's been in her crib for less than an hour, so let's see if she falls back asleep if I ignore her.  That's right, I haven't even had my milkshake yet and I am posting this for YOU!

Next day: She was up for good.  So was Elizabeth.  And both SUPER-grumpy (duh, short naps...), so I gave up on the post but DID bribe them with tortilla chips so that I could have a milkshake, so it wasn't all a loss.

Oh, and I started writing this while the ice cream was softening on the counter, so I had to do something, right?

Stop it with the italics, crazy-face.  I will, RIGHT NOW!

I needed a dress to wear to a wedding.  My formal-ish maternity dresses are all way too hot for this time of year, so I scoured all my usual maternity haunts and didn't find anything I liked that wasn't also like, $200.  So I scoured Amazon and found some serious gems that I ruled out, but happened upon these two which were from a reputable brand AND meant for post-partum as well.  Normally "nursing-wear" is not something I buy, because it makes nursing into more of an ordeal than it should be, but I'd heard good things about Japanese Weekend clothes, and these were WAY cheaper than the website prices with free returns, so what did I have to lose?

Japanese Weekend Women's Maternity During and After Tipped Nursing Dress, Navy/Lavender, X-Small

"I'll try them on, take pictures, and let the internet decide!" I thought.

But dress #1 was a big fat bust for me - would work better on someone with a trimmer figure, but sizing up would have made the chest waaaaaaay too baggy for me.

Plus I would have needed maternity Spanx.  No thank you.

Dress #2 was more promising, but the convertible straps confused me...

I would have needed to figure out a strapless bra situation, and it's been YEARS since I wore one of those.  Yikes.  This was the front-runner in my mind, until I remembered that I might *actually* have a non-maternity dress in my closet that could work:

Not the most flattering picture, but there's room for a belly!  And it's not jersey, so it looks dressier than the others!

I wore it for a wedding last summer when I was obviously not pregnant, and it was a little too big then, so it's kind of perfect now!

So here I was asking for your advice, but I made the decision myself.  Both dresses are going back, and my closet wins!  Sorry to ignore your wise advice ;)

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