Flowers from a Volcano? Reviewing the Bouqs Experience

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I got an email a while back from Adam, who works for The Bouqs.  And I was confused, because what even is that?  I had never heard of the company, but a friend mentioned watching an episode of Shark Tank that featured them, so I figured they were a real thing.  And I started doing my research and was kind of fascinated...

Fun facts:

- They're grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador (or in California, if you opt for that collection).  More sunlight = brighter blooms.

- They're stored for less time (only 4 days compared to up to 2 weeks) after they're cut than other online flower companies, and flowers from California are shipped directly after being cut.  Fresher flowers, and eco-friendly, too.

- They aim to provide "living wages, childcare, healthcare and adult education" so you know you're supporting a great industry!

- They offer a lot more variety than your standard selection of multi-colored roses!

- You can set up automatic deliveries and get volume discounts - I know some VERY hard to shop for ladies who would be ideal recipients for flowers every couple of months or so!


- You have to plan ahead (at least a week) - no ordering the day before unless you opt for the California Collection, which is a little pricier.  And no weekend deliveries, either.

- I'll admit, $40 (including shipping) for flowers seems steep, considering how cheaply you can get them at the grocery store.  So I see these as more of a "special occasion" sort of purchase, and one that I'd love to receive for birthdays or anniversaries, particularly because it means Andrew didn't have to take time to go to the florist and instead came home to ME faster!

- The bouquet requires a little more work than other online flower companies.  They don't ship it in a vase (which I LOVE because I ended up with waaaaaaaaay too many of those cheap vases over the course of a long-distance relationship), so you have to cut the ends off the stems yourself, and strip off some of the greenery to get the bouquet to fit in the vase you want to use.  I actually find this to be more of a pro than a con, but it's a little less convenient.

So how does the experience actually work?

I chose the Desperado Bouq:
Desperado | Bouqs Flowers
Another picture of Desperado from their site - you can see how the colors and filler flowers differ slightly

It arrived in a box via FedEx on July 30.  I had to sign for it, so you'd have to make sure somebody was around for a delivery.

This is the Bouq 3 days after I got it.  It came with a packet of flower food to put in the water, and I had to cut off an inch of stem and strip off the leaves from the bottom of the stems.

It took a couple of days for the blooms to start opening, and you can see the filler flower is different from the one in either picture from the website.  And they were BRIGHT pink roses, not the pale pink I was expecting!

But they're absolutely gorgeous, and it looks like they'll last for quite a while.  This picture is from 6 days after the bouquet was delivered and they look even better!  Do you spy St. Therese and a triceratops skeleton in the background?

Are you intrigued?  Do go check out their site!  I love the variety they offer, and the fact that they're an eco-friendly business with ties to their communities.  What a great endeavor to support!  And if you order through my affiliate link, I get a little kickback at no extra cost to you (more flowers for me, hurrah!)!

I was given a complimentary Bouq in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own, and I wouldn't recommend a product to you that I didn't think was awesome!

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