7 Quick Takes: Pre-Baby Bucket List

Friday, October 10, 2014

While I keep telling myself that life will not be that different once this baby is born, there are also ALL THE THINGS that I want to accomplish before he makes his appearance because, let's face it, some things are just plain easier when you don't have a baby who wants to nurse every 4.5 seconds.  Here's what's on my list:


Get to Cox Farms with the kids!

This one I think will be accomplished soon - hopefully next week!  Just remind me not to go on a hayride.  Or the slides.  Basically I'm going to sit around watching the kids enjoy the slides and drinking as much apple cider as humanly possible.  Yum.

Tiny Cecilia was actually brave enough to touch the goats last year!


Organize my closet!

Thrilling, right?  But right now it's STILL full of regular clothes, out-of-season clothes, maternity clothes that have pretty much been outgrown at this point...  Oh, and my wedding dress is still just kind of hanging there from when I tried it on over a year ago.  I need to put stuff away that isn't going to be worn for a while so that the closet is a little more manageable once we get home from the hospital, even though I'll be wearing little besides leggings and yoga pants in those early weeks...


Organize the kids' clothes

Cecilia's drawers are full-to-bursting with things that she has outgrown but keeps wearing...  And they need to be passed down to the twins, who ALSO have drawers bursting with stuff they have outgrown.  Elizabeth keeps demanding to wear a very short strappy floral dress because it keeps getting put BACK in her closet even though it's way too small and way too "July" for her to wear right now.  And John Paul's clothes range from size 4T-7 in his drawers so yeah, this needs to be fixed.


Cook all the things!

Okay, I don't really like freezer cooking that much, and I've never done ginormous batch cooking sessions, because I really enjoy *actually* cooking dinner every night (except right now when I mostly don't have any energy left by about 1 pm...).  But some things, like making pizza dough and freezing it, or cooking a bunch of rice and freezing it?  Those are really nice shortcuts that I need to take advantage of NOW, or else what's the point?


Get a hair cut?

My hair is long.  So, SO long.  Like, almost to my butt...  And it's ridiculous, and I need a real cut and I need to get it done BEFORE baby but it's not an attractive prospect to sit in a chair for more than 15 minutes to get it done...  At the same time, it's a far less attractive prospect to try to find a time when the baby WON'T be nursing every 4.5 seconds and get a cut.

Want to know the last time I got a cut?  Before the twins were born.


I cut my own layers a while back, which did nicely to prolong the gap between cuts.  But there's just. so. much of it.


Get all the crafting supplies!

Last year I decided to make felt ornaments for each member of the family as a new Christmas tradition.  It was time-consuming but really satisfying and easy and fun, so I've been pinning ideas but I really need to get felt and embroidery floss and that sort of thing BEFORE the baby is born.  Because trying to find a place to stop and nurse in a crowded craft store during the holiday season?

No thank you.

Oh shoot!  Baby has no stocking!  But he also doesn't have a name, so I suppose there's no point yet...  Well, I think we have a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking he can use for this year.


Go on a date?

This is a tough one, because by the time the kids are in bed I do NOT want to go anywhere or do anything.  But at the same time, I think it would be really nice and relaxing to hit The Melting Pot or maybe a winery for one last hurrah before the baby is born.



We need to dry the oregano, freeze butter patties with chopped sage & rosemary (perfect for roast chicken), pull out the rest of the tomato plants and beans, order and plant the garlic, harvest the rest of the carrots, etc. etc. etc.  So much needs to be done, but I just have no motivation.  Yikes!

Most boring post ever?  What's on YOUR bucket list before a new baby is born?  Oh, probably we should find all the baby clothes and gear, too...  Hmm...

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