Pizza, Fairy Dresses, Obscure Saints, and Applesauce {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, October 3, 2014


What's for dinner at your place tonight?

A friend posted a link about Chicago on facebook and there was a picture of deep-dish pizza and now I can't stop thinking about it...

Recipe photo

Seriously, it's magical.  But there's nowhere around here that sells anything close!  Luckily, I found a recipe is pretty darned awesome, if time consuming.  If you find yourself in a situation craving Chicago-style pizza but no way of getting it except mail order Lou Malnati's, just use this recipe!


Zulily is seriously winning today and I'm trying hard not to spend a ton of money...  These wooden puzzles are amazing and get played with ALL the time at our house.  BabyLit books are super-adorable!  The Rollipop that the twins got almost a year ago STILL gets played with on a daily basis (by kids of all ages AND adults...).  Aaaand I'm trying hard not to buy more of these princess dresses - I got this fairy one for Cecilia because she's outgrowing hers and wears it several times a week...

Usually it's easy for me to ignore the sales but ALL THE PRINCESS DRESSES for actual decent prices?  Sign me up.  (And if you're not signed up, here's a link that you can use to get $$ off and it gives me credit too!)


This week's posts:

Are We THAT Family? - thoughts on being that embarrassing family in public whose kids never behave...

Fall Finds & Clothing Budget Questions - really cute clothes that I'm not going to buy because I realized they'll be ruined by spit-up, and questions about how YOU budget for clothing.  Some really helpful comments in there!


At what point do you rip everything out in your garden to plant cover crops?  I really want to plant garlic SOON, but the tomatoes are still ripening and it hasn't cooled down enough for me to want to rip them out.  And the carrots are still growing.  The marigolds can probably go (even though they're thriving), and the Mary garden needs to be pruned because the Morning Glory and zinnias went CRAZY and we can't see Mary anymore...  And most of the beans have died, but a few of the pole beans are still producing.


I was so excited about Jennifer Fulwiler's trip to DC and then... Couldn't go to a single event.  Andrew's meetings & rehearsals conflicted with everything.  Sigh.


Last night I wanted ice cream (for the second time) after dinner and had applesauce instead.  Not because I have self-control and know that I shouldn't consume too much sugar, but solely because I knew ice cream before bed would keep me up with heartburn.  And then I was still up at like, 5:30 for the day because baby was moving MOVING!

Seriously, the twins moved a lot but it was always at normal times.  This baby?  Always there's a party hour or two in the middle of the night.  It drives me nuts!  I've never had this issue, and I'm thinking it doesn't bode well for the future.  So maybe we'll move the glider downstairs and I'll just spend a lot of time watching Amazon Prime in the middle of the night once the baby's born...


Still no name, but John Paul is pretty sure that Bonaventure or Wolfgang would make perfect middle names (there IS a St. Wolfgang, did you know?).  It's kind of the most fun thing ever to look at obscure saint names and choose the most ridiculous ones for your future children...  We had a friend who really thought we were going to name John Paul Polycarp!  He was much relieved to find out that it was just an in-utero nickname.

There!  I attempted to make these QUICK quick takes in order to get a start on the pizza, and I think I managed it!  Although with a sad lack of pictures of the children...  Well, just go stalk my instagram and you'll get your fix!

"Mom, I got so much arrows so I can shoot so much fire-breathing dragons and so much wolves and so much invisible monsters!!!"

More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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