Maternity Fashion in the Third Trimester: What Still Fits?

Monday, October 20, 2014

So yesterday after Mass TWO old ladies stopped me to remark (really, in the kindest way possible, and I appreciate that they noticed) just how large I am and how this baby will be born any day!

Well, to the 37-week-pregnant mama whose singletons have NOT been early, it doesn't exactly feel like things are coming to a close...  Heck, we may very well be hanging on for another 5 weeks!  FIVE WEEKS!  That's a long time.

(37 weeks already?  That's right.  Time passes WAY faster on the internet than in real life!)

So looking at the new (or "new" - most of this was purchased via Twice or ThredUP) items I've purchased this pregnancy, what has actually worked all the way through?

Stretchy striped dress?  Soooo comfy, although a bit clingy...  But free with ThredUP credit, accommodates a growing belly, and the neckline is stretchy enough that I can bum around in it and nurse the baby in those first couple months post-partum. 

Great picture, right?  This dress/tunic is a little too short right now to qualify as clothing under my normal standards, but...  I'm a million weeks pregnant, so I'm kind of past caring?  It's non-maternity, as are the leggings (American Apparel via Twice - really nice and stretchy!), so I know I'll get a lot of use out of them post-partum.  And patterned tops are fabulous for hiding spit-up stains, plus it buttons and has a veeeery generous bust and waistline that works well with belts.

This sweater has been one of my wardrobe staples forever and ever.  It's H&M, super-slouchy, and apparently still fits...  Although not super-flattering, it's comfy and works great post-partum.

The skirt is new-to-me, Motherhood via ThredUP, and actually a GOOD maternity denim skirt - I've found those are really hard to find, because either they don't have enough give, or the panel's awkward, or the pockets end up scrunched awkwardly...  This was free with credit, but definitely would have been worth the $13 or so that they were charging!

Everybody needs a little black dress!  This is me as of today, so yeah I kind of get what those old ladies were talking about...  I'm definitely MUCH larger than I was in the pictures from above, which are all from around 34/35 weeks.  Both items are ThredUP, and a black jersey dress is SUCH a necessity for me that when my old one ended up with oil stains all over the skirt (I don't even know how...) I immediately found a similar one on ThredUP and ordered it.  Actually, it ended up even better because this one has a crossover neckline that I can nurse in!

The shirt is Gap non-maternity, also from ThredUP.  The kids ADORE it because it has little bicycles all over it.  Do you ever have items of clothing that your kids LOVE and end up loving them even more because of that?

Also, that dress...  Yes, I realize it resembles a tent.  Not a lot of things DON'T at this point.  But when Elizabeth started hiding under the skirt this morning, I realized I might need to make leggings a constant until this baby is born ;)

This Gap skirt (one of my only NEW purchases this year) is still on heavy rotation, and that cardigan from Twice is part of my morning uniform and will continue being worn aaaaall the time because of the flowiness and bum coverage.  Hurrah!

And with that, I find it unlikely that I'll be taking that many more "fashion" pictures this pregnancy!  Because, let's face it, nobody needs to see this ginormous belly anymore ;)

One last thing!  I just got a coupon in the mail from ThredUP to share with you - 40% off your first purchase!  So if you've signed up through my link and haven't made a purchase yet, I'll give you the code if you're the first to comment with your email!  Just let me know :)

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