Let's Get Back on the Meal Planning Train!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

You know what makes my life a lot less-stressful?  Meal planning.  You know what I have not been doing at ALL throughout this pregnancy?  Meal planning.  Because, you know, first trimester aversions & exhaustion.  And then throughout the summer I kind of like to wing it based on what's available at the farmer's market.  But then fall got here and things have just been disastrous - lots of last-minute meals that end up unsatisfying, and this week has been the absolute worst because it seems like food aversions are BACK (um, hello? Almost 38 weeks here, aren't we supposed to be done with these?).

So rather than desperately text my husband at 4:45 asking him to pick up frozen pizza on his way home from work, how about I get back on the meal planning train?  Nell even has a link-up to help me get my rear in gear!

I'm trying to keep stocking the freezer while I make dinners for us this week, so lots of these meals will be made in double & triple batches to help make things easier once the baby's born.

Today (Saturday):  Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast, green beans, roasted potatoes

Sunday:  Penne w/tomato cream sauce, meatballs (double batch, freeze extras), broccoli

 Monday:  Creamy chicken taquitos (double batch, freeze extras), beans (make a big batch and freeze half) & rice

Tuesday:  Bacon mac 'n cheese with leftover green beans

Wednesday: Pizza night!
Although not grilled like this pizza - not quite warm enough for that anymore!

Thursday: Leftovers (assuming I haven't consumed everything in the fridge at this point - I'm betting we'll have some penne, beans & rice, and broccoli leftover, and I might cook a few chicken breasts to round things out).

Friday: Lentil soup with this bread

Do you do meatless Fridays?  Even if you're not Catholic, adding one meatless meal a week is a great way to save money - I've got 25 meatless meal ideas here if you need inspiration :)

And there we go!  Let's hope this can keep me on track this week - I sure hope so!

Go check out Nell's meal plan and others for some inspiration!

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