Fried Green Tomatoes, Confiscated Pillowcases, and Twin Transgressions {7QT}

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time this week. Not by choice, but because Elizabeth decided to pick a rather large one, attempt several bites, and then discard it in the grass.

I was NOT pleased. But I sliced it up, sprinkled with salt & pepper, and fried it in some olive oil with panko bread crumbs. Surprisingly tasty!

Meanwhile, the twins also decided to pick about a dozen green cherry tomatoes, burying them in the garden because "We're gwowing da tomatoes!!!"

Some people plant extra crops in order to make up for natural loss due to animals. I planted extra to make up for loss due to toddlers.

So now I'm picking them as soon as they start ripening, in the hopes that I'll save more from the twins that way!


And speaking of the twins, you'll be shocked to hear that they're still crazy indoors, too!

After putting them on time out in their room for one transgression, I went to get dressed and returned to find that they had removed every item from their dresser and then climbed onto it to remove everything from their closet bar. Oh, and they took their pillowcases off their pillows.

So now their dresser is no longer in their room AND they're not allowed to have pillowcases. The punishment fits the crime, but I still feel ridiculous... "NO! You're not allowed to have a pillowcase anymore!"


Why do I even try?

They *wanted* me to take their picture! And yet... The expressions. Kills me!


Apologies for not rotating this picture but... I've been working on these quick takes for more than a day, so I just don't care!

John Paul sorted through one of those coupon mailers we get in the mail every few weeks, setting aside the ones he wanted. My personal favorites?

"I saved this garage door one, because we don't have a garage!"


"I saved this cell phone one because I really want a cell phone!"

So thoughtful, that kid.


Blueberry season is here! Andrew's mom is going to be visiting at the end of the week and we don't have room in the car for everybody to go blueberry picking, so I get to stay home with Peter while they labor in the fields!

And then we'll enjoy our waffles on Waffle Wednesday with fresh blueberries! Those holes are just perfect blueberry spots!


Peter's still bellyflop-crawling and it's SO funny to watch but kid can move! Nothing is safe anymore, and he's also trying (unsuccessfully, so there's that) to pull up on tables and chairs and all sorts of things. I'm considering removing the little table from the playroom until he's figured it out, solely because there's too much potential for head bumping and I can't spot him 24/7!


On the plus side, "crawling" means he's a little more content to be put down for more than 4 seconds at a time. Favorite toys? Obviously Legos! Actually, he tends to go for cars, trucks, balls, trains... Very typical "boy" things which is interesting to me because John Paul was not at ALL that way, so it'll be fun to see what he ends up liking!

In anticipation of him actually liking cars (and because Elizabeth always really likes this toy at other people's houses), we found this toy for $6 at a consignment store and bought it for him for his birthday... Which is in November. I've been socking away rather a lot of birthday & Christmas presents for all the kids and need to remind myself to STOP because then we'll end up with mountains and mountains of presents come birthday season, which is just ridiculous because we don't need *all the things* at all! 

Cutting myself off. No more toys. I hope.

Linking up with Kelly for some Saturday Quick Takes! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! We'll be celebrating our 7th anniversary early tonight (it's tomorrow) because my awesome sister is babysitting!

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