All the Gift Guides, All in One Place! {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, November 27, 2015

Quick! It's Black Friday! And if you're anything like me, you have absolutely no desire to leave the house... Also if you're anything like me, you planned on getting all your Christmas shopping done before Advent and that's not happening, yet again.

Need ideas? I've got you covered!

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First, if you need clothes for you or the kiddos, there are some fabulous sales going on - I stocked up on leggings, socks, and underwear from Children's Place, and Gap has 50% off EVERYTHING including some really adorable dress coats that I'm resisting but GOSH they're cute!

Until the 30th, you can head to Amazon and get 30% off ONE book (up to $10 discount) using the code HOLIDAY30 - may I suggest Pioneer Girl?


These musical instruments are all great quality and a few of them would be great stocking suffers!


These songbooks and CDs are tried-and-true favorites around here - definitely gifts that go a long way.


These CDs are still some of my favorites to listen to in the car - totally doesn't seem like children's music!


Did you see this faith-based gift guide the first time around? It's too late to order from some of these shops for Christmas, but others are still open and offering great deals this weekend! Plus you're supporting small businesses - win-win!


If you're looking for Christmas or Advent picture books (and some chapter books!), I've got a list for you right here!


Need something for the man in your life? I love these ideas, and this book is my number one recommendation - we love ours!

Hope this helps, and hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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