Catchlights and Quotations {Theme Thursday}

Saturday, November 7, 2015

So this week's photography challenge is to capture "Catchlights" in my photography, whatever those are. Well, actually, Micaela explained it really nicely in her post and I realized that I actually already do a pretty good job getting catchlights in my photography, solely because I always try pretty hard to make sure I'm not photographing into the light because everything ends up grainy that way. So I guess inadvertently, I was already doing something right!

Anyway, a certain 2-year-old was climbing on the banister, which she is very specifically not allowed to do but she was facing the window so I was a bad disciplinarian and took pictures instead of getting her down:

This is her posed smile... She cracks me up with those chubby little cheeks!

This is her pirate smile. Also how much does it bother you that her bangs aren't a straight line? This is what happens when I can't find the hair cutting scissors and have to use safety scissors... Still better than hair in her eyes, right?

And it's never long before she starts pulling faces at me.

Then Cecilia wanted to climb up TOO...

And they were amicably playing together until...


As you can see, she's completely contrite.


I changed the angle to see what a difference it made...

And it made a big one! Mary Claire unposed is my favorite here, even though you can very obviously see the outline of the window in the catchlight in her eye...

And since I've got a bunch of random pictures of the older kids, here are some of their quotes from the past few days...

Twins are playing pretend...

MC: I'm Mom! *sinks to the floor* I'm feeling vewwy tired, Dad...

Yup. Sounds about right.

Do you see ME in his eyes? Also those lashes! 

John Paul kept telling me what turns to make in the car one day, and got angry when I wouldn't follow his random directions...

Grandma: John Paul, what makes you think Mom would do what you tell her to do?
JP: Well, I may look like John Paul, but I'm actually the sheriff in disguise!
Grandma and Mom: *muffled laughter*

While watching The Lion King...

Elizabeth, dashing excitedly towards me: Mom!!! Da daddy yion and da yion cub are sleeping!!!

Not sure she understood the whole "Mufasa is dead" thing...

Elizabeth, reading a catalog: Mom, what if you had a new dwess? Maybe it would have wuffles! Do you sink it would feel soft???

Yes. Yes I do.

Elizabeth is playing a game involving running through the house shrieking like a banshee...

Me: Wow, what are you pretending to be?
Elizabeth: I'm just a cat patendin' to be a butterfly!


Okay, go check out more takes on this week's theme at Micaela's blog!

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