Happy Birthday, Peter!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's been a big weekend over here. The twins turned 3 on Saturday (their birthday post is upcoming) and today Peter turned 1! (If you're a birth story junkie, his is here!)

This baby. I get such a kick out of his little personality - I think he reminds me most of Elizabeth at this age, with his sense of humor and obsession with stacking toys. Also with his lack of sleep... But I suppose John Paul didn't sleep either when he was 1.

He LOVES being with people, and has ever since he was born - any time the older kids are outside playing he's so lonely and just insists on climbing me and sticking toys in my mouth until I take him to be with them. 

He makes up little games to play with us, and my favorite is when he lays his head on our shoulders so that we say, "Ah, Peter's asleep..." Then he pops his head up and grins at us and we have to say, "Oh! Peter's awake!" It doesn't really get old - he's so excited about it every time!

He eats EVERYTHING. His favorite snack is a whole apple, which he'll carry through the house, leaving a trail of apple peels in his wake. Other favorites include pear, cheese, cooked carrots, black beans, goldfish crackers, and homemade chicken nuggets. 

He's finally napping on a somewhat regular schedule - I can usually get him down for a nap around 10 every morning in our bed, and it's heavenly when it actually works and I'm baby-free for a while! Generally it just means that's my hour to homeschool and wash dishes, but having both hands free feels so luxurious, you know?

He's not walking yet, although he's taken many many steps on his own (8 is his record so far) and John Paul and Cecilia have started holding his hands to walk him around the house. He's our latest walker, and it's kind of amazing to me that he's holding off for this long! But he's an incredibly fast crawler, so I kind of get it... Why take tentative steps when you can crawl faster than most babies walk?

He's a pretty fabulous car baby - we've had terrors (John Paul and Mary Claire) and calm, peaceful kids who fall asleep easily (Cecilia and Elizabeth), and Peter definitely falls into the calm & peaceful camp, thank goodness! Of course, that means the dreaded car nap is a frequent occurrence if I don't time things right, like today when he fell asleep 4 minutes from home on the way back from Mass.  But that's just life with babies!

We love him so, so much :) Happy Birthday, Peter Damian!

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