The Easiest Way to Score on Black Friday

Monday, November 23, 2015

Every single year I think, "Wow! Black Friday deals! I should get out of the house and shop so I don't miss any!"

And every single year Black Friday rolls around and I think, "It's cold, I'm tired, and I'd really rather not leave the house..."

Okay fine, last year I had a better excuse...

So my Black Friday shopping occurs in the comfort of my home, either on my phone or through the handy dandy laptop! I've kicked myself after putting an order through only to realize I probably could have found a coupon somewhere to use with it...

Now every time I fill my cart at the shop of my choosing, I make sure to do a quick search online to check for coupons to get an even better deal on my order. It's hard though, because sometimes the coupon codes are expired or invalid, and then I've wasted all that time entering in code after code with no luck...

Enter Groupon Coupon! Post sponsor - thanks guys!

I'm pretty jazzed about this - they've got a database of nearly 10,000 stores with coupons and discounts listed (and easily sortable, key difference from other sites) so you won't miss out on any amazing deals!

See what I mean by sortable? Here there are tons of offers, but only three actual promo codes - click that button and they're all sorted out for you!

And with 9500+ stores on their site, you're bound to find one you shop at - Amazon, ToysRUs, LOFT, Nine West, Uniqlo, Gap, J.CrewHarry & David (I still remember some excellent candy some students of mine gave me from them years ago... GREAT gift!)... The list goes on!

Coupons are rated by reliability, too - so if a code is expired, you don't have to waste time entering it in only to find out it isn't valid anymore. And there are buttons to add tips if you have some information to share on a particular code.

It's not just for online shopping, though! If you happen to brave the Black Friday crowds (or shop in stores any other time, really!), do a quick search and you might find a coupon you can print and use in stores, or use on your smart phone. Stores like Michael's and Joann Fabrics always have coupons you can use, and even H&M has one you can use right now!

So there you have it - my shopping tip for those of you who don't want to leave the house, and even those of you who are brave enough to venture out! I hope you find something awesome :)

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