28/52: Ice Cream Sundays

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sundays are really exciting days. When it's warm enough, the ice cream man comes!!!

I think he's in town a fair amount, but he only makes it to our neck of the woods once a week. Which is totally fine by me, because I'm okay with a little over-sugared indulgence once a week, but I wouldn't want to have to deal with the possibility of hearing that enticing music from his truck every single day!

John Paul (7!) has been saving his money for weeks in order to buy one of the "expensive" treats - my mom treats us every week but you have to pick off of the dollar menu (which is perfect, because really, who wants to pay $3 or $4 for one ice cream bar?). He really really really wanted one of the ice cream bars with gumballs in it, and he finally had enough money for one! Totally worth it, in his opinion.

Mary Claire and Elizabeth tend to choose the same thing, to the point where one of them will change her mind if her twin happens to choose something different. Because they HAVE to have the same ice cream!

This week they chose "sour cherry" and both managed to eat the majority of theirs before they ended up with drippy messes everywhere. 

Cecilia chose "lick a color" this week, and ended up with every single color dripped down her shirt. I'm pretty sure her face is *still* stained...

And Peter just runs around mooching off of everyone - I think he ends up with a little of everything!

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