My Sunday Best, Volume 11: Pants-Free Week 2, with Extra Seersucker!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Here we go, week 2 (and my first full week) of documenting the fact that I'm wearing real clothes! 

4th of July - I own no red. White & Blue it is!

In a shocking turn of events, I'm clad in... Blue and white! Nobody saw this coming, I'm sure.

But wait! THIS isn't blue and white! It's... Black and white. Branching out, y'all.

Well, there's teal here, so... That's different from blue, right?

A COLORFUL SKIRT! LOOK! Also, here's part of our chicken coop. They have a full-length mirror (the only one on our property) because obviously fancy hens have to preen, right?

And another colorful item of clothing! And... A blue skirt. The shirt's getting retired until next year, I think - I've got an order of a few maternity tops from Old Navy that I'm hoping will tide me over until I can wear regular clothes again, and it turns out I can exchange that damaged top from my 2nd trimester Stitch Fix, so that's colorful enough to make up for all the rest of my blue and white wardrobe, right?

Peter desperately wanted to wear his seersucker blazer today. The girls got it out of storage while they were playing "school" (which apparently involves wearing the boys' blazers and taking school pictures and that's all?) and Peter had to wear it when he saw it. So obviously I had to get a picture, because seersucker!

You can't tell what a terror he was during Mass, can you? Of course not! He's in that phase where he's crazy-verbal, but has no concept of a quiet voice. So he's just hollering about "Chee-SUSS! Ma-WEE!!!" all the time, and just ends up out in the lobby with Andrew most of the time. Thank goodness for his summer rehearsal schedule so he can actually come to Mass with us!

(Fun fact: I just remembered we bought that blazer at a consignment sale when I was pregnant with John Paul and we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl yet - it's a 2T, but it was so cheap we HAD to get it just in case! It's definitely gotten plenty of use.)

Affiliate links below:

Dress: Motherhood Maternity from when I was pregnant with Cecilia (truthfully, one of my least favorite stores because WHY DO THEY NEED ALL MY INFORMATION EVERY TIME I SHOP THERE???)
Necklace: H&M from ages ago? I felt like with a plain black dress, I needed some sort of accessory!
Kitchen: Keeping it real with the high-class flypaper. We have so many flies it's not even funny. I blame the kids for leaving the door open all the time. Country life, y'all.

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