26/52: "Fireworks" and Mo' Cheese

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I took the big kids to a fireworks show on the 2nd, but we still had our own driveway fireworks on the 4th because... How can you NOT have fireworks of some sort on the 4th of July? 

The biggest hit? Those little black pellets that turn into snakes when you light them on fire. Elizabeth was terrified of everything else, and even though she wouldn't get close to these, at least she wasn't crying! All the other kids were willing to get SUPER-close, including Peter (which is why there are no pictures of him - I was holding him to keep him from trying to touch fire, so we did the rest after he was in bed). Mary Claire kept getting really excited with every one of them and hollering, "Grow snake, GROW!!!"

For some reason, though, they ended up calling them "poop snakes" because, well, they kind of ended up looking like poop? The name stuck. Unfortunately. John Paul was old enough this year ("6-almost-7," as he introduces himself) to light some of them, but the finicky lighter and breezy weather made him satisfied with just a few.

Elizabeth watched from her perch with Aunt Sister, but wasn't willing to get any closer than that!

Cecilia was pretty excited to have a new headband/kerchief hybrid from my visiting sister, and wore it the entire day, grooming herself in the mirror perhaps a little too much... But hey, new accessories are exciting, right?

Later that week...

Peter is not the most graceful naptime waker... I try to get him fed right away, but sometimes there's a tragedy like when he eats all his cheese and I won't give him "Mo' cheese. Peas?"

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