29/52: School Pictures

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cecilia invented a game the other day where she pretends to take "school pictures" using my tripod. She draws tiny little pictures to give to the other kids and then makes them pose for their "pictures" to be taken. It's adorable and also kind of hilarious.

This was her pose for her first picture, and the whole sequence of events was so hilarious that I couldn't share just one picture of each kid...

Then she realized I was taking a *real* picture and had to ham it up... Probably could've found a better background than the door that's sorely in need of a paint job though, huh?

She helped the twins figure out exactly what to do to take the pictures. That arm around Elizabeth kills me!

She neglected, however, to instruct the twins on any type of posing...

And then there was a SERIOUS FIGHT because Elizabeth tried to get in Mary Claire's picture! My goodness, when the twins fight they really really fight. Punching, kicking, hitting, you name it. It's bad.

So when Mary Claire finally got her chance in the spotlight, she couldn't shake the grumpy expression.

They kept up with the game the next day, but I tried to coach John Paul into a more socially appropriate smile (the cocky wink and thumbs up just isn't gonna fly...). 

And Peter decided he'd rather try on John Paul's boots than pose for a picture!

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