47/52: Maternal Instincts?

Monday, December 12, 2016

I was having a facebook conversation with several other moms about kids and maternal (and paternal!) instincts - Cecilia has been remarkable this time around when it comes to the baby. She knows exactly when she needs to be picked up, exactly how to hold her to make her fall asleep immediately, and wants to be around her nonstop! She was like this to a lesser extent with Peter, only because she was less capable (um, because she wasn't even 4...).

Anyway, some moms think it's a girl thing, but others have boys who have been like this too, and some have girls who won't have anything to do with tiny babies! So I suppose this is yet another thing that can only be settled on a kid-by-kid basis. 

Mary Claire is definitely following in Cecilia's footsteps when it comes to maternal instincts (to a lesser extent... I wonder if having the twins around during some pretty key developmental stages helped nurture this in Cecilia?) and wants to hold Edith ALL the time! But never for very long at a time, because there is READING and PLAYING to do!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is content to do her own thing! She rarely asks to hold the baby, and generally is more interested in her when she's doing something interesting (which is rare). She's like this with other babies too, when Mary Claire and Cecilia are fawning all over them. Definitely an interesting difference!

Peter, meanwhile, is mostly just insatiable. I guess growth spurt? But the constant, "FOOOOOD!!!" pleas, along with bringing me boxes full of whatever he's managed to find... Well, it's getting tiresome.

I decided Edith needed some cute little bonnets (pilot caps, apparently are what these little ones are called?), but her head is way too big for newborn size so I had to order up and of course she's swimming in them! Luckily we're not due for a real cold snap any time soon (although by saying that I suppose I'm dooming us to one!), so she should be okay with just her hair keeping her warm.

My mom introduced John Paul to Sudoku. 

He's obsessed.

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