51/52: Christmas Finest

Friday, December 30, 2016

I'm pretty bad about getting pictures of holidays and big events - I'll chalk that up to being a good parent who tries to enjoy the moment without being behind the camera (some people do it well, but it just distracts me and all of us!). So the Christmas pictures are few.

We got home from Mass in the afternoon and still hadn't opened presents - I was totally fine with this, but apparently the other grown-ups were pretty antsy! The stockings had plenty to keep the kids occupied, but maybe we'll change the strategy next year...

Edith pooped all over her outfit shortly after I took this pictures. Classic baby.

The kids went to work moving all the presents from the piano to under the tree. We couldn't keep them under the tree because... Peter. And also we didn't wrap anything until Christmas Eve anyway, so it's not like it mattered!

John Paul was very excited to give presents to me and Andrew - a knife sharpener for me, a tire gauge for Andrew. Both procured at the Dollar Tree.

Elizabeth, shockingly, wore her coat for much of the day. Just like every day.

And Peter was in his element with extra adults to ooh and ah over his cuteness. In this picture he was making my younger brother put on the hoodie he had found, zip it, wear the hood, and tie the strings. Little dictator...

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