50/52: Time to Bake!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Have you ever made those super-easy pretzel+candy+M&M treats? They're really great for kids to help with because who wants to unwrap a trillion Rolos or Hershey kisses??? 

Answer: Every single child ever.

So I put the four big kids to work making them while Peter was napping!

I think the final count was that they each got to eat two Rolos and 11 M&Ms (plus whatever broken pretzels they found) - much better than when we made gingerbread houses and Mary Claire just quietly ate an entire bowl of candy while everyone else decorated!

Of course, I had to remind the kids that if they *purposely* dropped candy on the floor so it wasn't usable, that didn't mean they got to eat it. Because a certain sweet-tooth child was convinced that was the way to go.

And since Peter was napping, we didn't need to worry about sticky fingers until later! Cecilia saved him a few M&Ms and he was pretty darned pleased!

Edith managed to sleep through most of it as well - apparently she had to build up her energy for being lifted in the air, Lion King-style?

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