48/52: Dress-Up

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The girls have taken to dressing up every morning lately, which works great when we don't have anywhere to be (which is most of the time, let's be honest...)! Cecilia's been taking custody of all my too-small clothes that I planned on taking in/up for her to wear but never got around to... Which is perfect, because all my old dresses are floor-length on her and she's in heaven!

Mary Claire asked me to take a picture of her Bitty Baby (named Mary Pellowski. NOT Mary. Mary Pellowski.) but not of her. When she asked me to show her the picture, she cried when she saw this one. So I took a new picture with her doll entirely blocking her face. Future Mary Claire will certainly forgive me for posting this one, because Future Mary Claire will look back on her 4-year-old antics fondly, as she will completely have outgrown her quixotic nature. Right? Riiiiight???

Elizabeth, on the other hand, will clearly never outgrow the "chin-upturned-nose-in-the-air-eyes-shut" smile, right? Right.

Peter tries to get into the dress-up games as well, although we're sorely lacking when it comes to boy dress-up clothes. He asks me to put the dresses on him, and I do (because who cares?), but he vastly prefers it when he can find his robot or knight costume.

John Paul mostly doesn't care. Because books. Or card games. Or math. You know.

And Edith? Obviously super-excited for her future!

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