49/52: Craft Time!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

(I know her grip is off - we're working on it ;) )

Advent tends to be our most craft-ish time of year, and this year is no exception! Between the pre-assembled craft kits I get, prayer cards/tracings/stencils/lacing they bring home from Atrium, and the steady stream of drawings & "birthday cards" the girls produce every day, we'd be drowning in paper and stickers if I didn't so ruthlessly purge everything at the end of each day.

This has resulted in many tears from Mary Claire, who has suddenly gotten the hang of drawing people (and writing, apparently?), and expects me to KEEP the 12 birthday cards she makes for Edith every day. I really just need to find her a folder to keep all these treasures in...

Thankfully Grandma can help with some of the more involved crafts!

Because Edith is no longer at the "sleep for 22 hours/day" stage, so mostly I have to sit around nursing her and don't have time to craft!

Thank goodness for capable and enthusiastic big kid helpers!

Even if they *do* insist on punching holes in aluminum foil and not letting me throw it away because it's "art" of some sort?

The crafting mostly happens while Mr. Bedhead is napping - while he's actually a less destructive toddler than most, he still really enjoys peeling stickers off whenever he finds them and scribbling all over drawings and the ever-present birthday cards!

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