23/52: Digging Potatoes

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We got the potatoes planted pretty early this year, and I noticed a couple weeks ago that they were starting to turn yellow... Oh no! 

Actually though, that's just a sign that they're ready to be harvested. We haven't had tons of luck with potatoes in the past, and it's so hard to gauge how well a tuber is really doing under all that soil... But they produced decently in the raised beds this year, and the loose soil made it easy to dig them out. Easy enough that the kids could do most of it for me! Cecilia especially adored digging through the straw and top soil and triumphantly lifting her treasures in the air.

Everybody loved harvesting the potatoes. But most of the kids still don't actually like *eating* potatoes. I don't get it. I'm a good cook, and the ONLY way they're happy eating potatoes is if they're fried. THEY WILL EAT RAW KALE but they won't eat potatoes.

We planted dill so that we can use it for pickles, and also to attract swallowtail caterpillars. Well, we got one! It ate the majority of one plant over the course of a few days, which we were excited about, and then the next day... It was gone. I assume it went somewhere to build a cocoon, right? And that it didn't just get eaten by a bird? 

The peas have just about all died, and my mom got out a bunch of seeds and let the kids each choose one thing to plant along the trellis now that it's not in use. They're all SO excited and have big plans for their various pumpkins and gourds! And the chickens will surely be happy to eat them all once we're done using them as decorations.

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