24/52: All You Need Is Rope

Thursday, June 22, 2017

After encouraging the kids last week to use different raw materials to experiment with outdoor fun, they've really taken things to new levels! Cecilia moved the rope to a different branch and tied a loop, so now they've got a rope swing. They've only run into the tree trunk a few times (while pushing each other, which has now been banned and you may only swing under your own power), and no heads have been bumped, so I'm taking it as a win!

It rained and left puddles on the sidewalk, which the kids took as an invitation to color in them with some chalk. Then they realized that not only left them with more brilliant colors, but PUDDLES of colors. They had made PAINT!!! They pulled up some plantain flowers as their "brushes" and painted on the porch happily. Of course, they came in with chalk all over their hands, faces, and feet... But they were so proud of their innovation!

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