Week by Week, 22/52: Cherry Picking and Baby Sitting

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

After last year's late frost threw things off, we weren't really sure how many cherries to expect on the tree this year. Well, it was a LOT! Unfortunately, I don't really like cherries... The kids picked enough for me to make a pie, and beyond that I was trying desperately to get various friends to come pick some so that the birds didn't get them all! We managed to have a few friends come pick a couple of gallons, probably, and after about a week and a half, the birds got the rest of them yesterday. It was a good run! And the kids had a blast climbing up in the tree to stuff themselves full of sour cherries. Next up: Plums! And they've been eating the unripe apples that are falling to the ground happily, too.

Edith is officially capable of sitting up, but mostly she refuses to because she'd rather be standing, rolling across the room, or trying desperately to crawl (but only succeeding in pushing herself backwards). Cecilia's trying her darnedest to keep her stable, though! Peter was offering her a blade of grass as a toy, but she was focused on hamming it up for the camera. Edith's been so fussy that I'm convinced her top teeth must be coming in... Look at those teeny tiny (and SHARP) adorable bottom ones! The gummy smile is officially gone, and soon enough she'll have two more chompers to show off.

We've tapered our school work off, dropping math and handwriting completely, and just working on finishing up a few books that we've been reading. John Paul's been staying happily occupied on his own, riding his bike all day and playing board games. Apparently he needed to combine the two, because I had to make him stop reading a book about chess WHILE riding his bike. It's hard not to multitask when you have ALL the things to do.

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