Week by Week, 21/52: Freedom!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I needed garlic for dinner, so I dug a head out of the garden and it was bigger than Edith! So obviously I needed to take a picture.

We let the chicks and ducks out into their little yard for the first time last week - they were confused and excited about their newfound freedom! I think they're all officially done with the brooders now, which is nice... No more heat lamps! And the ducks especially are getting BIG, so they were pretty crowded. Andrew built the chicks a tractor so they'll be pastured, but for that one day they were having fun running around and trying to munch on the greens in the yard that had grown up from the feed the chickens hadn't eaten when they were last in the yard. Flax, sunflowers, and plenty of weeds!

It cracks me up how the ducks insist on crowding together. I don't know how we'll be able to decide which ones will be butchered and which ones we'll keep! Well, I suppose the biggest ones will be for eating... 

Our sweet new bunny is getting bigger but is still really, really adorable. He will *not* be eaten (although we're not opposed to meat rabbits, we're just not there yet), and I'd happily keep bunnies solely for how amazing their manure is for the garden. Our tomatoes are RIDICULOUS where I spread the manure before planting!

John Paul has been in charge of refilling the ducks' and the chicks' water a couple times a day. I love how competent he is, and yet still very much a little boy... He'll fill it and then just play around with the hose for a while before putting the water back! I was wondering what had been taking so long; now I know.

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