32/52: Pigtails and Pulling Up

Friday, August 18, 2017

The day after we got home from the hospital, Andrew made fun of Edith's trademark fountain hair style... So I gave her pigtails instead! Now that her hair's longer, her little pigtails are WAY cuter than before. And it makes her quite the popular little target in public, because it seems as though nobody can keep from remarking on the absolutely irresistible cuteness that ensues. Of course, today she's back in a fountain because the pigtails require an actual comb, and that can't always be found easily in our house. But the pigtails were cute while they lasted!

She decided a few days after returning home that she was feeling 100% and was ready to get into trouble! I caught her trying to climb the stairs, she's been crawling all over the house, and she's been pulling up on everything she can find. Cecilia's desperate to help her learn how to walk, but Edith does NOT like having help from anyone who isn't me. It'll be interesting to see what her walking timeline is like - Cecilia was 9 months and I don't think Edith will walk that early, that's for sure! But she definitely seems determined.

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