33/52: Dress-up and Mischief

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It's awfully hard to be a 2-year-old boy with three older sisters who LOVE dressing up and have quite the wardrobe, only to be told (by them) that you're not allowed to wear the beautiful princess dresses. 

Well, he begged me to put the little skirts on him (these ones, which are kind of amazing - affiliate link), so I did. One as a skirt, one as a poncho. Then he proceeded to sit and quietly read "Mosquitoes Don't Bite Ninjas" in his beautiful outfit. Soooo hit me up with your amazing boy-ish dress-up options so he stops feeling so left out? It's hard to get excited about the too-big knight costume when the girls have SO MUCH fancy stuff!

Edith has been crawling faster and faster and exploring the entire downstairs. She's also pretty stealthy, so I'll suddenly realize I don't know where she is, only to find her under the table eating breakfast leavings, trying to climb the stairs, or chewing on an empty crayon box. I definitely found some pencil eraser in her diaper the other day. I'm pretty sure her face in that first picture says it all!

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