34/52: Back to School

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Aaaand we're back! We started school last Monday, because according to John Paul we must start on the 3rd Monday of August. Fine by me! We got through the first week unscathed, with minimal tears, and the house just as messy as it started but not really any messier so I'll take that as a win!

Name: John Paul
Age: 8 years, 1 month
Grade: 3rd
Most excited to: Do the Application and Enrichment in math. Why? Because it's so fun! I did all of the application and enrichment in Delta before I even finished Gamma!
Future occupation: I don't know, I'll probably go to the ISS (International Space Station), football player, dad, lawyer, American Ninja Warrior...

Name: Cecilia
Age: 6 years, 7 months
Grade: 1st
Most excited to: Go on field trips
Future occupation: Staying home and helping us with the farm

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 4 years, 9 months
Grade: Pre-K/K
Most excited to: Learn about Egyptian History
Future occupation: A Pink Sister

Name: Mary Claire
Age: 4 years, 9 months
Grade: Pre-K/K
Most excited to: "Do math. And (in a hushed voice) I'm even learning how to do subtraction. And I know how to write the number two. First you do a curved line like in a question mark, and then a line going across!"
Future occupation: "Um, I don't know, I'll probably go to work..."

Name: Edith
Age: 9 months
Grade: Baby
Most excited to: Learn to walk!!!
Future occupation: Gerber baby or competitive eater

It was at this point that Cecilia told Mary Claire she was too little to hold Edith:

So I decided pictures were over. But not without asking Peter one more time if he would like me to take his picture!

That would be a no.

Name: Peter
Age: 2 years, 9 months
Grade: Toddler
Most excited to: NOTHIN'
Future occupation: NOTHIN'

(The girls kept giving him options and finally he decided it would be okay to help babies when he's a grown-up. That actually cheered him up quite a bit! But he's not so sure he wants to be a dad...)

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