Wednesday, September 6, 2017

35/52: Sparkly Shoes and Grass Clippings

Summer's winding down and these are my favorite evenings of the year - cool enough to be outdoors, the light is gorgeous, and bedtime just keeps slipping later and later because everybody's having so much fun together! 

It's amazing to me how much fun they can have with things like carrots and grass clippings... Every time Andrew mows the lawn, there's dried grass all over the place for days. The kids love to rake it up and make it into nests and beds and chase each other with giant piles. And they kept each other entertained for 30 minutes the other day just dropping carrots they had dug from the garden down the hole in the middle of the picnic table. I don't think I've ever seen Peter laugh so hard!

It was cool enough for me to consider putting Edith in a pair of actual shoes the other day. Someone gifted us a pair of pink sparkly sneakers and I wedged them on her feet, only to find that she just wants to eat the shoes. So... That didn't last long! I know I have a million pairs of shoes for her somewhere, but I don't actually know where any of them are! I suppose I should try to find them before it really cools down.
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