37/52: Front Porch-ing

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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The other day I decided to get my guitar out of storage and maybe consider teaching the kids how to play. It didn't last long before I realized the steel strings were to tough for their fingers AND that I didn't actually want them touching my guitar... I looked for used instruments around here and new ones online, but they were all more expensive than I could afford (speaking as a former guitar teacher, this one is the best bang for your buck). A ukulele popped up on lightning deals while I was searching, though (as of 1 PM today it's on lightning deal again, actually!), so I decided I'd give that a try.

You guys. It's amazing! So much easier than guitar, but with the same chord shapes so the skills they learn will translate to guitar whenever I find a good deal and get one. 5 days in (and before I ordered a book) and this is where John Paul was:

He wasn't satisfied with just printed chord charts, so I ordered this book (a solid series for any instrument, really) and he's been at it all afternoon!

So, my ukulele advertisement aside (not really an advertisement, just super-fun!), they've all been going NUTS over the thing. Daily (sometimes hourly) "concerts" on the porch, which consist of singing songs from these three books (all out of print, all easy to find used) and screaming when anybody dares sing along with YOUR rendition of "Oh Susannah." So peaceful and hilarious...

Sometimes they'll form bands and bring out the glockenspiel, harp, and drum. There's dancing. There's singing, with sidewalk chalk microphones. I try VERY hard not to laugh because they're so, so serious about it! And Edith watches from the screen door because she's not allowed on the porch by herself.

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