38/52: Mock Gardens, Scars, and Farmer's Tans

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The twins came running inside the other night after dinner, SO EXCITED to show me the game they had invented, "Flower Pots."

"They're not going to live, really, Mom... There are no roots in the pots."

Including the potty bowl. A lovely, classy touch!

"Where did you get the dirt?" "Oh, from the raised beds!" "Hmm. Where I had just planted all those seeds for the fall garden?" "No, over by the zinnias! But we should probably pour it all back in the garden.."

Yes. Yes, you should. 14 containers they filled, each with a zinnia in it. And they were so proud. I really didn't mind, and I loved that this was one of the games they invented together!

Edith has gotten an adorable little baby farmer's tan, which just cracks me up! Her scars have faded considerably (even though I keep forgetting to rub the scar cream I got on the big one...) and I'm trying to make sure to massage them frequently so the tissue doesn't get lumpy or rigid. So far it seems to be working well - the big one especially is such a nice clean line now.

She's discovering the joys of pulling bins off of the shelves and emptying them of their contents. It's really a wonderful stage, although it means the older kids have a lot more cleaning up to do at the end of the day... But it keeps her occupied for long periods of time, which I think is win-win for everyone! 

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