39/52: Naan & Bumpity Bump

Friday, October 6, 2017

Somehow I got roped into promising a "cooking" lesson each week with the older kids. Mostly this involves me reminding them to follow every step of the directions of recipes in order and also to follow the "leave no trace" philosophy in the kitchen (because having to deal with flour and sugar all over the kitchen? Not my favorite.). But sometimes it results in tasty things that mean I don't have to cook much for dinner! They made naan last week, John Paul made banana bread, and Cecilia and I made thumbprint cookies together for her "special night" because I convinced her that would be more fun than quiet reading (we were all out of sweets and my sweet tooth needed something!).

Cecilia invented a game called "Bumpity Bump," which seems to involve standing up on the picnic table and then sliding down from the cheap Aldi slide with a bump. The kids seem to be at their most creative immediately after dinner, when they all head outside and play like lunatics until we make them come inside for bed. I'm going to miss this once it gets too cold and dark for them to get their energy out this way!

There was a particularly involved game one day last week that started at the playground and involved everyone being things like "Daughter of Lightning" and "Messenger of the Elements" and it was all very dramatic and exciting - apparently our mythology reading is inspiring them!

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