40/52: Car Waving and Piggies

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

John Paul invented a new activity for the kids the other day - they sit out front and wave at cars. That's it. The point isn't even to see if they wave back, you just wave at cars. Of course, they're ecstatic when people DO wave back!

He made a paper chart to track how many cars they wave at, setting a goal of 35 cars per day. The chart spanned an entire week, with a star to color in at the bottom of each day the goal was reached. Then, after 7 days, you turned the paper over and colored in a heart. This was entirely his idea and I have no idea why he decided to do it! However, Saturday got busy and the activity was left by the wayside, the chart cast to the floor and eventually recycled. They had a good run, though!

After a week of illness (hand foot & mouth, followed immediately by roseola) and teething, Edith is finally mostly back to normal. Still fairly clingy, but no longer insisting on being held every second of every day. Thank goodness!!! That was one LONG week. Now she's got just two more teeth working their way through her gums and hopefully we'll have a bit of a respite? She's not exactly the most graceful teether... She *is* the absolute cutest pigtail-sporter, though!

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