42/52: Shoe Store & Baby Weight

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The girls got it into their minds the other day to take aaaaaaall the shoes out to the porch and set up a store together. Mary Claire was the shop keeper, Cecilia was the maid, and I guess Elizabeth and Peter were customers? They played at it all day, adding bowls of tomatoes to their "shop" and doing whatever outdoor chores I told them to do (which mostly consisted of deadheading the mums). And yes, Peter was in his underwear. Not worth the fight.

John Paul and Edith mostly stayed inside - I really look forward to the day when Edith is big enough to play on the porch with the big kids! Of course, by then there will probably be another baby (not an announcement!), so I'll just watch their antics from the couch I'm sure.

We got dressed up to go to a gala for a local private school, thanks to some last minute tickets from Andrew's office - I was pretty sure I could never fit into this dress again (I've had it since just a month after we got married), but apparently my ribcage has finally shifted BACK to pre-Peter size? Bodies are weird. I've found that it's been much easier to lose the baby weight after having the girls, but it has stuck around longer after the boys, maybe because they've both been such insatiable constant nursers? Looks like the dress will stay in my closet instead of getting sold or given away!

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