41/52: Hickory Nuts and Fairy Meals

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We've been working on gathering hickory nuts and acorns for the pigs to eat before the squirrels get them all - much as I kind of wish these were the types of nuts we could eat ourselves, it's nice to know that they're on their way to getting turned into bacon and sausage. The goats seem to be eating them some as well, but the pigs were in absolute heaven when we tossed them their first bucket full of acorns the other day! There's absolutely no way we'll manage to get them all picked up, but we've definitely gotten several gallons, which is nice.

The persimmon trees have been slowly dropping their fruit, which is always a fun scavenger hunt for the kids. Peter's probably the best at spotting them, likely because of all the time he spends outdoors with my mom while she keeps him out of my hair so we can get school done! They're an odd sort of fruit - they leave a strange film on my mouth for a while after I eat one, so mostly I just pass them off to the kids... It *is* pretty fun to shake the tree and try to get a few more down every day!

The little area by the stick fort is developing into quite the play area - the girls spent a while the other day finding acorn caps and moss and setting up various meals for the "fairies." They talk about how they KNOW fairies aren't real, but they like to pretend, and I think Peter's pretty confused by the whole affair...

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