23/52: Cherry Picking

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Strawberries are done for the season, and now cherries, too! We had a really sad little harvest this year - I think the cold temperatures plus crazy rain really put a damper on production, because I'd say we probably only got about 10% of the cherries that we got last year. The kids loved it while it lasted, though!

Edith ate a sour cherry as her first solid food at this time last year, snatching it right off the tree while I was picking... This year she didn't want anything to do with them at first, but after she realized that it was a thing she could eat, she warmed up to the idea and became rather tyrannical in her demand of "chee-wees" all day long. She ate as many as her siblings would hand her, pits and all!

Cecilia and John Paul became (rightfully) convinced that the best cherries were the ones high up in the tree. So they climbed up to grab them, conveniently weighing down the branches for the rest of us so we could pick as we pleased.

So the cherries are all gone! Now we're waiting on plums, but the weather definitely did significant damage there this year as well, so I don't think we'll get many. Soon it'll be time to pick raspberries at one of the local orchards though, and everyone gets excited for that (and the jam that results from good picking)!

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