25/52: Big Helpers

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I go back and forth between wanting the kids to help out more and wanting them to leave me alone so I can just do everything quickly myself. It's ALWAYS better to install good habits in them and encourage helping, but sometimes I don't have the energy...

However! Last week I told John Paul and Cecilia that they were good enough at washing dishes that they could do it all themselves so Andrew could bathe the others and I could fold laundry. And they did it! And they did great!

On Saturday Elizabeth BEGGED to come out in the drizzle and help me harvest stuff for the CSA pickup. She was really upset when I dug up potatoes without her the week before, so I pulled up the plants and she happily loaded the nice fat potatoes into the basket! I don't think I touched a single one. Everyone happily helped us harvest all the garlic later in the week too, sweet kids.

Now that Edith is close to being weaned, she doesn't have to nurse to sleep. After Cecilia read her (and several other kids) a story before bed, she BEGGED to be allowed to put her to bed, and was so proud of herself even though Edith started sobbing as soon as she left. Now she keeps asking when she can do it again!

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