The Rosary We Couldn't Break

Friday, June 1, 2018

Here's the thing: I can't manage to keep a rosary without breaking it. Fancy ones, cheap ones, anything but knotted ones (we haven't broken ANY of those but sometimes you want beads)... They're in pieces, or in one LONG piece but no longer shaped like a rosary. Or tangled together in our rosary basket, left in a giant clump every time we pray a family rosary. Mostly I just use my fingers.

I've been eyeing Chews Life rosaries for years - we've got the soft chewable ones for the kids (and have purchased several as gifts), but I've never pulled the trigger on one of the rosary bracelets because I'm not much of a jewelry person.

I've had one of the Life Rox mama necklaces since Edith was a little baby, and (when I remember to wear it) it's perfect for keeping grabby hands off my hair & skin, plus simple enough that I don't feel weird wearing it.

Shannon asked back in April if they could send a rosary over and I was so excited! I immediately knew that I wanted this blue one (because really, everything blue is my favorite), but I was a little scared because... I'm rough on rosaries. And jewelry in general. Everything falls apart!!

She also sent over one of these sweet mama necklaces, and it's living in my purse so that I can use it for emergency situations (like baby's fussy at mass or at the grocery store). It's already been a HUGE help!

SO. I know you're wondering about the rosary. Did it cure me of my jewelry hating? Did the kids break it? Did I lose it? Did it actually help me pray more?

Here's the scoop!

- I still don't love jewelry. But this doesn't really feel like jewelry because I know it's a rosary? So I'm kind of weaning myself onto wearing it because...

- When I wear it, I pray more. It's a tangible reminder that, oh hey, I haven't prayed my rosary yet today! Or even if I already have, hey, I could pray more!

- Nobody has managed to break it. Y'all, that's saying a lot. They've been tugging this and messing with the charm and probably chewing on it and who really knows what else but it's still just like new! Since it's wire, it can't get tangled, which works really well for me. And it doesn't snag on anything, because it's made so well that they don't have any sharp edges that might catch.

- You should totally get your own. I always recommend their children's products for baptism presents, Christmas gifts, Easter basket stuffers... But sometimes mom (or dad?) needs something lovely for herself, too. So absolutely go for that adorable Miraculous Medal pacifier clip (right???) or a St. Therese mini-decade (with Sts. Louis and Zelie on the back!). But a mama & baby gift set or just a rosary bracelet for you would be such a gift to your prayer life!

Shannon and her team are working hard to restock the shop, and they're giving you 10% off your order with the code ROSIE10 - shop quickly if you want one of their adorable summer release items, or follow along on Instagram and Facebook so you know when new items are available!

Do you have any Chews Life products? I'd love to hear how yours have held up!

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