Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I have to warn you, this post is inspired by alliteration. Because I had a few things I wanted to share and I thought I should up it to ten solely for the purposes of this title!

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1. I've been looking for a pretty, not-too-terribly-expensive, embroidered top since *Peter* was a baby. Just found this one and I think it's going to be a winner!

2. And while looking for that top, I saw that this skirt was on sale again. So obviously I need it in red, right? The blue is so so incredibly cute and I wear it all the time (paired with these underneath, which are life-changing!!), but it's a hair large, so I'm ordering red and sizing down. My weight & size fluctuates with the constant pregnant/post-partum cycle, and I'm currently at my smallest but have very few things that actually fit me properly at this size!

3. My friend Rachel came over this weekend to take family pictures and I'm really excited to see them!! She's super-affordable (which autocorrected to super-adorable, which is also true) and does awesome work, so if you're local definitely book her if you can!

4. I'm revisiting this post from last year now that we're signed up for the library summer reading program (against my better judgment, since they always end up with prizes like "non-sticky putty" that *is* sticky and gets permanently stuck to clothes and needs to be cut out of hair), since the twins have been reading more chapter books. I'm always thankful that I've blogged these things so I can go back and see what's worked in the past!

5. Edith is reaching the end of our nursing relationship, and I need non-nursing bras! Do you have any favorites?

6. John Paul is doing a little soccer camp this week and so far seems to be loving it! It's amazing how much of a difference a couple years makes when it comes to maturity level... We tried soccer when he was 3.5 because Andrew and I were SO excited that he was old enough. Mostly he refused to follow directions and got angry that the coaches wouldn't obey him. Then we tried again a couple years later and he did great following directions, but kept getting REALLY upset when he didn't score goals, even just in the drills... But when I went to pick him up yesterday, I watched him shoot, miss, and then just go to the back of the line with no drama!!!

7. We're dealing with blossom end rot with our squash plants, so I'm hoping a calcium spray will help? The internet says I just have to boil eggs and use the water in a spray bottle once the water is cool. It's gonna smell great... Do you have better advice before I funnel stinky egg water into a spray bottle?

8. I set my Instagram account to private and logged out last week because I needed a break but felt like deactivating my account would be unnecessarily dramatic... We'll see how long I go, but I found myself wasting way too much time there, and things are already much better with this breather. I'm also checking Facebook a lot less, because I can't totally quit because of the groups i moderate. Definitely improving my mental health, and forcing me to actually reach out for real adult contact rather than rely on the "quick fix" I could otherwise get from social media.

9. We've officially been done with school for... A month? So I've been preparing things for the fall, when we add the twins into the mix. They have Star Wars Math workbooks in the next level up (highly recommend!), we'll continue working through Ponder for Kids, and I think my friend Michele's newest book, The Catholic Field Guide will be a great little addition to our religion studies. I'm still trying to figure out a pretty handwriting book to use for all the girls... Any recommendations?

10. Why are there suddenly so many rabbits around here this year? And why doesn't darned fox eat THEM instead of our chickens??

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